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The Book Club

Tiverton Castle and the Carew family

Rivers Carew promotes his new book 'Footprints in the San'


Olli Tooley interviews . . .


Frank Westworth

Richard Dee

Cathie Hartigan

Su Bristow

Loreli Amiti


Ian Hobbs

interviews. . .


Jill Treseder

L.E Willetts

Casey O'Connor

M J Colewood (Jacqueline Wood co-author)

Jill Robinson

Jeannie Wycherley

Julie Archer

P J Reed

Jenny Kane


interviews . . .


J T Scott

Jan Ellis

For all TivLitFest 2017 PODCAST'S click this link to YouTube

Cathie Hartigan and her timeslip mystery novel runs from modern day Exeter and Renaissance Italy 

with song at its core, to be unravelled. Cathie runs 'Creative Writing Matters' workshops and has 

written with her co author Margaret James an

Amazon #1 textbook on the subject. 

Rebecca A Hall ' Girl Gone Greek '

Local Author of 'Seal Skin' Su Bristow

Su Bristow talks and reads from her literary award winning book 'Seal Skin' an intriguing tale of realism 

submerged with mythology.

Chrissie Parker chats with Rebecca A Hall travel blogger

Devon Thriller Author Elizabeth Ducie

Elizabeth is a Devon writer with a previous long career working in the international pharmaceutical industry and as a technical author. She has drawn on her worldwide travels and experiences to write fiction that crosses over with some of her previous life too and where she has been based in Russia, Africa and South America. Her first thriller Counterfeit tackles fake drugs and it is soon to be followed by two more in the series all with strong female leads. Elizabeth reads from her first novel Gorgito's Ice Rink.

Local author Stephanie Bailey


Stephanie's book is semi-autobiographical, it has erotic moments, thrills, teases and has a political undercurrent that see's the heroine trust and love she has for her 'Sheikh Prince' thrown into doubt. It is set in Dubai and Lebanon and offers a fascinating insight to life as an expat and all that glistens is not gold! Think an exotic glamorous Shirley Valentine and Sex and the City then cast your mind back to a bit of Jackie Collins too...

Devon author Jenny Nater served in World War 2. Jenny was a bilingual wireless operator in the top secret Special Duties Service (Y) at Dover, intercepting German communications in the English Chanel; this place has been frozen in Jenny's heart as long since buried emotions resurface in this incredible autobiographical work written about a time that we can not possibly fathom. Her courage to publish love letters to Rick (Eric Cornish)are brave and touching 'I shall not 'live' until you return, you are my breathing, my living and without you I do not exist...I loved you before I was born ' (15/05/42) Rick's (Jenny's fiance) MTB was sunk on May 13th 1942. Jenny continued to write almost daily letters in the hope of news or closure. Jenny's story is a set of fascinating memoirs and tells us how she came to be a world traveller in her book titled Secret Duties of a Signals Interceptor (A Long Time to Hope)and is out now.


Please see the links below - she is on radio 4 at the moment.


Jenny is donating part of her sales of books profits towards the restoration of MTB 219 (Rick was lost on MTB 220)

Listen below to hear Paul Childs talk to us about the project based in Bridgwater, Somerset. Paul is a WW2 enthusiast and has restored another military craft The Gay Archer which is in Watchet harbour and available for educational visits.

Paul Childs EMAIL : [email protected] 

Local Author Janet Braund Few

Janet (Historical researcher and historian)came into the studio to tell us about where she lives in North Devon; Bucks Mill and the history of Hartland. She has written guided research on family geneology and ancestry. She spend's part of her time as an alter ego, Mistress Agnes, living in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, managing the Swords and Spindles team of historical interpreters, and we were treated to some anecdotes about life in that time! Some a tad gruesome. Her social history book Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors, emerged out of this experience. She is particularly interested in the role of women in the past and recently helped eighty ladies recall their memories of the pivotal period 1946-1969. These have been merged together in her book Remember Then: women’s memories of 1946-1969 and how to write your own. She is currently working on her first fiction novel.

twitter @janetfew

Richard Dee Local Sci-Fi Author talks of a life on the sea and his sci-fi influences and the NaNoWriMo scheme (67,00 words in one month!)

'Welcome to my Worlds'

Local author Chrissie Parker talks Historical fiction and her love of all all things Greek,Eygptian and Petra, thrillers and independent publishing

Circle of Spears

Local Author Jenny Kane

Local author Jenny Kane talks about her cosy Christmas collection out now and returning to her medieval roots with 'The Outlaw's Ransom ' a mystery and romance, following on the heels of her series of contemporary fiction to include 'Another cup of Coffee'. She writes for children and will be doing a reading as part of Taunton Literary Festival . 5-26th November 2016. Jenny was one of the founders of Tiverton Literary Festival and runs Devon Writers for writer advice, courses and support. She is a regular speaker at literary events. 

Local Author JT Scott

J.T Scott local author talks about her fantasy fiction series and upcoming Dragon Day at the Old Well Garden Centre, Uffculme on 28th November with book signing and late night shopping.

Listen to an audio reading


trailer read by Circle of Spears Productions.

Enter our name the Dragon competition on Facebook to win a signed copy of the first book in the series. 

Local Author PJ Reed

P.J Reed local author and poet discusses her darker side and her lighter with her Haiku.

Talk Tiverton Devon - Tiverton CommunityTalk