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Tuesday & Thursday 10pm - 11pm

Sidmouth Folk Week    busking by the sea    August 2017

                               The Dilly Boys

             The Dilly Boys

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QUO NO's alan lancaster

(AKA Nige Jewell)

chats to Rick Bushnell

With 6 songs which have inspired his musical Journey . . .

TCR radio's first Live Lecture Sessions

with Ollie Dixon & Hayley McKay Petroc January 2017

Michael Soundy talks about music, drums kits

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Brooks Williams & Guy Davis UK tour 2016 ' Inside The Delta '

Country Roots Blues and Soulful Americana from the Deep South

South West Pirate Rock

The New Hall, Barrington Street, Tiverton

19th November 2016

Splink were up first, a 5 piece line up, they had the challenging task of warming up a cold hall, as soon as they started their set the audience stopped talking and paid them the attention they demanded. With leanings toward the Blockheads, Ska and a touch of Reggae a bit of cavorting was unavoidable!

Lead vocalist Tor with the piercing blue eyes, in his ‘goldfish’ suit took us on a journey, his gravelly voice and heartfelt original lyrics made the crowd listen, he sang of serious and silly issues with a light touch - try that when you’re singing about homelessness, Council House the rhythm from the band had everyone prancing!

Splink are tight but spontaneous. During their rendition with (Tor Rubble on vocals) of Where’s My Tent? Andy Cameron took off with his guitar up onto the balcony and into the crowd, Drew Gee was the talent on keyboards, with his glitter beard and light touch he was quite ethereal and spiritual. Mike Storjkiw on bass and Paul Lerwill on drums, all in all 5 talented musicians, enjoying themselves making sure the throng enjoyed them! If you’ve never heard of them, you have now; find them on

Quo No local Tiverton talent with Jonny Hall/Mark Hutchinson/Nigel Jewel on vocals and guitars, with Jason Hearn vocals and drums brought a raucous set of Status Quo songs. They played a well-balanced set list mixing Quo hits with lesser known tracks. The band kicked off with Caroline, and went seamlessly into Juniors Wailing, the hits were there, interlaced with earlier Quo numbers like Rain. Rapport with the audience and touch of self deprecation had the revellers moving and singing along to every anthemic track! Strong performances, awful wigs and perfect loud, loud sound made Quo No totally Rock the New Hall! Their encore, Rocking All Over the World really went for it and left the crowd happy. If you’re a Quo fan, go and see them, and if you aren’t, go and see them anyway, you won’t be disappointed!

Eat The Rich

Billed as South West Pirate Rock! Eat the Rich proved to be so much more! They started with Devil went Down to Georgia, the revellers truly revelled! There was much frolicking, capering, strutting and swaggering! The charismatic Tim Trewin played a mean fiddle and lead vocals and Sailors Hornpipe was met with loud whooping. Just before they went into Cotton Eye Joe they gave a shout out to Sid who was seven, his night was made, (he was given a signed CD from the band too) Guitarist Hector Mazzotti metaled his way through the set, bringing a totally new sound to Duelling Banjos. Neil Pratt on vocals/guitar and Eddie Kingdom on drums really rocked the hall. A truly uplifting, fun performance. From Sea shanty to Highway to Hell these guys have got it covered, you have to go see if you get the chance!

As the party goers left the building for a soaking, one was heard to say “What a night, I only came to see one band, and ended up loving all of them!”

Reviewed by Felicity Salter on behalf of TCR Radio.

Rick Bushnell with guest Tony Currenti original drummer with AC/DC