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TCR Live Lounge

Special Feature ... Ollie Dixon Instrumentals Oak Room 2017

WithyFest July 1st 2017 TCR radio Live Lounge 5

Georgia Fenwick - Ezme - Luke Brown - Vikki

Dexy & LadyWish - Rob Craig - Amy Hunter - Ollie Dixon

Russell/Caro - Samantics - Bicycle Repair Man

TCR radio Live Lounge 4          Petroc College June 7th 2017

Luke Brown - Fintan May Band - The Lodgers

Live Lounge 3    Petroc College March 29th 2017

Georgia Fenwick - LadyWish & Dexy - Esme Dickens - Rituals


TCR Live Lounge2 March 1st 2017

with Rob Craig - Joey Taylor - Vikki - Ollie Dixon

TCR radio Live Lounge 1

with Ollie Dixon & Hayley McKay Petroc January 2017